Frequently Asked Questions

Yewy is much more than a website. It is a team of experienced automotive professionals working together to make automotive shopping more convenient for you.

If you don't see it online, there is a person happy to take your call at 866-ASK-YEWY (866-275-9399), email or in the chat below.

Selling or Trading In Your Vehicle

We recommend using the PAVE link at the bottom of the Sell/Trade page to get a written offer back from our buyer. By filling the form, it will send you a link that allows you to use your phone to get all the required information and photos of your vehicle in so we can complete an appraisal, just as if you were at a dealership. Someone from Yewy will contact you once it has been reviewed. Usually in as little as few hours.
Great question! The answer is no. Yewy will be very happy to make a competitive offer on your vehicle whether you plan to buy a vehicle from Yewy or not. Of course, we are very happy to help you acquire a new vehicle.
Yewy uses a convenient tool called PAVE. By visiting the Sell/Trade section, you can forward a link to your phone and start your appraisal. PAVE runs as a web application (no installation is needed). PAVE will collect the information we need to make an offer on your vehicle. This includes photos from various angles and certain information about your vehicle. Once completed, our buyer will make an offer for your vehicle. We can arrange to pick-up your vehicle upon which we will verify the vehicle is in the condition that was described. If you are purchasing another vehicle from Yewy, the trade-in value will be applied towards your purchase. If you are not purchasing a vehicle from Yewy, we collect your banking information and complete a transfer to your account within 24-48 hours after pick-up. In certain cases we may provide a certified cheque upon delivery. Your concierge can work out the details with you.
Many factors affect a vehicles value. The year, make model and trim, as well as features and options. Yewy will require certain information such as your VIN, confirmed mileage and the condition of the vehicle in order to make an assessment. Our PAVE tool makes this process easy (visit Sell/Trade page for details). We also review the local availability and pricing and then our buyer make you an offer for your vehicle. Once accepted, we will require to verify valid ownership and we will need to check any lien payoff information. With those items in order, a Yewy concierge will co-ordinate pick up of your vehicle at a time that is convenient for you. Our concierge will do a quick inspection upon arrival to your home, confirming the vehicle condition. At that point, we will provide you with a certified cheque for the purchase of your vehicle or collect your banking information to complete a transfer within 24-48 hours after you sign ownership over to us. Alternately, we will apply a trade-in value if you are purchasing a replacement vehicle from Yewy.
Our team deals with this situation frequently. It is best to call or chat with us to go over your options for how to deal with negative equity. Under certain conditions, you may be able to finance that negative equity when you purchase a replacement vehicle from Yewy.

Buying a Vehicle

Yewy is a division of Bruce Auto Group. Bruce Auto Group buys and sells thousands of vehicles every year within Maritime Canada. We acquire vehicles from multiple sources, including our own clients, special fleet and manufacturer buyouts as well as other sources. We believe in transparency and are happy to provide a detailed Carfax vehicle report. All vehicles go through a comprehensive 170 point inspection at a Bruce certified location before they enter into our inventory.
Yewy can offer a variety of options to protect your vehicle - from Rust Check treatment to extended warranty and insurance to protect you should your circumstances change. We recommend you speak to one of our financial advisors to personalize a package for your needs.
For mainland Nova Scotia, delivery is free. For all other locations, a delivery fee will apply depending on the distance. Of course, we'll work with you to come up with a plan that works best for you. If you choose our vehicle delivery option, We will coordinate with you a convenient time and location for delivery of the vehicle. We will send you the necessary paperwork in advance for you to review from the comfort of your home.
Bruce Auto Group has 8 locations across Nova Scotia, including Yarmouth, Digby, Middleton, Kentville and New Minas. We can arrange for the vehicle to be available in one of these locations if this is more convenient for you.
Bruce Auto Group owns the inventory of vehicles featured on Yewy. The vehicles are kept at our reconditioning centers and Bruce locations.
Yewy offers a offer a 7 Day Money Back Guarantee Program. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 7 days, simply return it for a refund, provided the following conditions are met:

  • Return request must be received by 5 PM on the 7th calendar day following the day of delivery. Delivery day counts as Day 1 regardless of time of delivery. For example, if the vehicle was delivered on June 5th, notification of return must be received by 5 PM on June 11th.
  • The first 500 KMS are at no charge. Each KM afterwards will be charged @ $1.25/each.
  • Vehicle must be returned in the condition it was delivered in.
  • Vehicle must not have suffered any damage or have been modified in any way.
  • As-traded, specialty or high performance vehicles are excluded from this program (including, but not limited to Ford Shelby, Ford Mustang GT, Ford Raptor, Chevrolet Corvette, Dodge SRT, Hyundai N Line).
  • 7 Day Money Back Guarantee does not apply to vehicles located and purchased from an outside source (dealer trades) on behalf of the customer, vehicles delivered outside of Nova Scotia or vehicle purchases at Bruce Leasing Limited.
  • This Money Back Guarantee applies to the vehicle only. Protection products (including by not limited to: Ceramic coatings, Paint Protection, Interior Protection, Rust Protection) are not covered under this money-back guarantee but may have partial refunds available depending on the product. Any promotional items part of the deal must be returned, including gas cards and prizes.
  • Installed accessories are not eligible for return and will be deducted from return proceeds.
  • Warranties, insurances and pre-paid maintenance are all covered & refundable within the 7 day guarantee.
  • If the vehicle was financed, (Yewy) Bruce Auto Group will reverse the transaction with the lender. Any fees associated with cancelling with the lender will be the responsibility of the customer.
  • Customers are responsible for any licensing costs associated with the vehicle purchase, return or exchange.
  • Customers are responsible for returning any government provided rebates for Electric or Hybrid vehicle purchases.
  • If choosing to exchange, a maximum of 2 exchanges will be processed for a single purchase.
  • If the customer traded-in their previous vehicle and that vehicle has subsequently been sold within the return period, (Yewy) Bruce Auto Group will pay the cash value as represented on the contract for the trade, less any reconditioning costs.
  • If the customer had a shortfall between what was owed on their trade and their trade value, the client will be responsible for that value if their trade has been subsequently sold.
Some vehicles may still have a portion of the original manufacturer warranty. Additional warranties and protections can be selected for an additional fee at the time of the vehicle purchase. Contact us to get information specific to your vehicle.
Absolutely. Please advise us that you will be providing your own financing. You can also call 866-ASK-YEWY (866-275-9399) to review.
You might have guessed it, but you will name the time and let us know your home address to deliver to! Your Yewy concierge will reach out to you to coordinate delivery with a delivery specialist from our team. Reach us 866-ASK-YEWY (866-275-9399) or use the contact us to ask any questions you may have.
Our online inventory is refreshed every 24 hours. This means it is possible that a vehicle you are looking at may have changed status during that time and we regret that it might be no longer available for sale. Our vehicle concierge can confirm the vehicle status information and can assist in finding a suitable replacement vehicle. We recommend you contact us quickly if you are interested in a vehicle.
The best is to talk to us during regular business hours. Call 866-ASK-YEWY (866-275-9399), email us at or use the contact us section to send us your question. We appreciate your inquiries.


Pre-qualifying makes your search easier by giving you a price range that fits your expected vehicle budget.
There is no impact to your score during the pre-qualification stage. See below to learn how a credit application can affect your score. If you have any concerns, we recommend speaking directly with one of our advisors. They can assess you and give you an estimate without affecting your credit score.
With a full credit approval, lenders will check your credit. You may then have a credit inquiry on your credit report which can affect your score. So why do a full approval? A full approval lets you know exactly what your rate will be and the amount you can borrow. With pre-qualification, there is no impact to your score - you receive an estimate of your credit availability, the rate and terms -but they are not guaranteed.
Interest rates are qualified through many variables with some differences between lenders. These variables include your credit score, income, the age, mileage and value of the vehicle, down payment and the length of the loan.
Yewy and our lenders see applications from people with varying credit scores. Our goal is to create options for you whenever possible.
Yes, Yewy can help you with your financing applications if you plan to have a co-signer. Let us know upfront and we'll make sure to share what information we will need.
The pre-qualifying process is very quick! If you are dealing with one of our advisors during business hours, we can advise you in as little 1 hour (or less). For credit applications - there may be additional information that is requested- and this can affect the response time. Generally, if we have all the documentation, approval happens within 6 to 72 hours, depending on the lender.