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Pre-qualifying makes your search easier by giving you a price range that fits your expected vehicle budget.
There is no impact to your score during the pre-qualification stage. See below to learn how a credit application can affect your score. If you have any concerns, we recommend speaking directly with one of our advisors. They can assess you and give you an estimate without affecting your credit score.
With a full credit approval, lenders will check your credit. You may then have a credit inquiry on your credit report which can affect your score. So why do a full approval? A full approval lets you know exactly what your rate will be and the amount you can borrow. With pre-qualification, there is no impact to your score - you receive an estimate of your credit availability, the rate and terms -but they are not guaranteed.
Interest rates are qualified through many variables with some differences between lenders. These variables include your credit score, income, the age, mileage and value of the vehicle, down payment and the length of the loan.
Yewy and our lenders see applications from people with varying credit scores. Our goal is to create options for you whenever possible.
Yes, Yewy can help you with your financing applications if you plan to have a co-signer. Let us know upfront and we'll make sure to share what information we will need.
The pre-qualifying process is very quick! If you are dealing with one of our advisors during business hours, we can advise you in as little 1 hour (or less). For credit applications - there may be additional information that is requested- and this can affect the response time. Generally, if we have all the documentation, approval happens within 6 to 72 hours, depending on the lender.